I have successfully ported VDR to Windows :)

The port is a *native* Windows port using MinGW-w64 (does NOT use cygwin).
(I will post the patch when every thing is ready).

The only unsolved problem is that section filtering functions in
cDevice cannot be implemented on Windows since hardware drivers do not
use file descriptors to deliver data, another problem is that some
drivers like the SkyStar2 driver do not provide section filtering at
all, so if you want that data you have to extract it from TS packets

To solve that problem we need to modify these functions and avoid
using file descriptors:

int cDevice::OpenFilter(u_short Pid, u_char Tid, u_char Mask);
void cDevice::CloseFilter(int Handle);

Does any body have suggestions about the best way to implement this.

We might also consider implementing builtin section filtering in VDR
so we can extract section filtering data from TS packets directly if
the driver does not provide them.
The libdvbpsi library might be handy for that purpose.

I have implemented a plugin to support the SkyStar2 budget card and it
works fine, but since cDevice::OpenFilter() is not implemented, all
the recordings produced by VDR do not include section
packets(PAT,PMT..) so they are not playable.

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