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This subject has come up at least a few times, one of which was in the
"The right way to interpret the content of SNR, signal strength and
BER from HVR 4000 Lite" thread. For some reason the

Apart from the SNR/Signal Strength issue, does the card work for you? I just threw it out again and replaced it with a venerable stv0299 card, because it never reliably locked (it locked maybe every fourth time). This is with good signals,

Hi, there is a patch for this problem, which made it into the kernel october 2011;a=history;f=drivers/media/dvb/frontends/stb0899_algo.c;h=117a56926dcad041316a53f4ea47ed3c7263505f;hb=b8ed9e5b8c34dc9fb1882669e45b21e3d0194881

neither the stv0299 nor the stv090x cards have any problems with the signal. My stb0899 card is a technisat skystar hd2.


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