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7249ead4aca4b24e53d49d11c67e1613  vdr-1.7.27-1.7.28.diff


This is a *developer* version. Even though *I* use it in my productive
environment. I strongly recommend that you only use it under controlled
conditions and for testing and debugging.

The new default skin "LCARS" displays the signal strengths and qualities of
all devices in its main menu. For devices that have an stb0899 frontend chip
(like the TT-budget S2-3200) retrieving this information from the driver is
rather slow, which results in a sluggish response to user input in the main
menu. To speed this up you may want to apply the patches from


to the LinuxDVB driver source.

The changes since version 1.7.27:

- Fixed cPixmapMemory::DrawEllipse() for quadrants -1 and -4.
- Fixed getting the maximum short channel name length in case there are no 
short names
  at all (reported by Derek Kelly).
- The new function cDevice::DeviceType() returns a string identifying the type 
  the given device.
- Now limiting the number of characters of a channel's (short) name to 16 in the
  schedules menus, to keep that column from getting overly wide in case there is
  a channel with a very long name that has no short name.
- Fixed EPG scan on systems with only a single DVB device that use software 
  (reported by Juergen Lock).
- Skins can now inquire the menu category for which their cSkinDisplayMenu is 
  being used. This can be done either through a call to 
  or by reimplementing cSkinDisplayMenu::SetMenuCategory(). This information 
allows a
  skin to use special icons or decorations for the various types of menus in 
- The new setup option "DVB/Standard compliance" can be used to switch between 
  variations of the DVB standard (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg). Currently there is 
  (for the original DVB standard) and "ANSI/SCTE", which is used to properly 
  certain private stream types.
- The disk usage is no longer automatically added to the title of the main and
  "Recordings" menus. This has always been a mekeshift solution and it is now up
  to the individual skin if, where and how it wants to display this information.
  A skin can use the new cVideoDiskUsage class to implement such a display. For
  compatibility, the default skins "Classic VDR", "ST:TNG Panels" and "Text 
  (i.e. curses) have been changed to behave like before. Other skins may want to
  display the disk usage in totally different ways.
- A cOsdMenu can now handle skins that display different numbers of items in the
  various menu categories.
- OSD and skin are now reinitialized after a plugin setup page has been 
  to have them react immediately in case any change to a plugin's setup 
  has an effect on the OSD.
- The Timers list is now marked as modified whenever a recording starts or ends.
- Fixed cDevice::StillPicture(), making sure it doesn't call the derived class's
  function if no buffer has been allocated (reported by Marcus Roscher).
- Fixed the SVDRP command UPDR, which didn't update the global recordings list
  (reported by Lars Hanisch).
- cControl::Control() now has an additional boolean parameter, which can be set 
  true to get the current player control even if it is hidden.
- The new functions cControl::GetRecording() and cControl::GetHeader() can be 
  to retrieve information about what the current player is playing.
- Fixed a possible high CPU load when pausing replay (thanks to Reinhard Nissl).
- Fixed character comparisons in cSubtitleObject::DecodeCharacterString() 
  by Reinhard Mantey).
- Renamed the function cString::sprintf(const char *fmt, va_list &ap) to 
  because it might inadvertently be called with a 'char *' as the second 
argument on
  some compilers and cause a crash (reported by Sundararaj Reel).
- Removed the "bondedMasterFailed" mechanism from cDvbTuner, because it caused
  problems with the EPG scan in case a transponder is not receivable in a setup 
  bonded devices (reported by Michael Schneider).
- Making sure setup strings don't contain any newline characters (thanks to 
- The new member function cSkinDisplayReplay::SetRecording() allows a skin to 
  more information about the currently played recording.
- Fixed a mismatched 'delete' in cSchedules::SetEpgDataFileName() (thanks to 
- The DrawText() functions of the OSD now accept the new alignment flag 
  which triggers keeping a proper distance from the edge that taLeft or taRight
  aligns to.
- Fixed checking for UTF-8 support in cFont::Bidi() (reported by Torsten Lang).
- If a recording has no info file, the 'title' of the recording's info is now 
  to the recording's name.
- cVector::Clear() now reinitializes any previously used members.
- Fixed resetting CAMs (thanks to Marco Skambraks).
- The new function RgbShade() (include osd.h) can be used to generate a 
brighter or
  darker version of a given color.
- The new class cSortedTimers can be used to quickly get a list of all timers, 
  by their start time.
- The new skin "LCARS" is an enhanced version of the "ST:TNG" skin (which is 
  there in its original layout, for those who don't like the LCARS skin, or 
can't use
  it due to OSD limitations). The LCARS skin utilizes the new "menu category" 
  to display additional information on the main menu page. It shows upcoming 
  and the system's devices, as well as which device is recording which timers. 
  upper pane of the main menu displays the programme data in live and replay 
  and a progress bar. An indicator on the right side of the device list shows 
  device is currently used for live viewing, and whether it is in transfer mode.
  The individual device displays show the device number, the device type, which 
  (if any ) is currently assigned to the device, and the signal strength and 
  On the left side of the OSD there is a permanent display of the current date 
  time, the disk usage and the system load.
  "LCARS" is the new default skin of VDR. It requires at least a 4bpp (16 
color) full
  screen OSD, but you can still operate it if your OSD can handle only fewer 
  (in which case you may want to switch to the "ST:TNG" or "Classic VDR" skin).
- Finally removed the code marked with 
- Now making sure that the "small font" is never larger than the "osd font".
- Fixed font handling with fontconfig 2.9.0 or newer (thanks to Joerg 
- Extended the interface to the script that gets called for recordings, so that 
  the "edited" case it also provides the name of the original recording (thanks 
  Christian Richter).
- Added DeleteEvent() to the EPG handler interface, so that an EPG handler can 
  deleting of an event (thanks to Christian Kaiser).
- Speeded up opening menus on systems with many (several thousands) of 
recordings, by
  caching the information whether a recording is stored on the video directory 
  system within the cRecording data (based on a patch from Torsten Lang).

Have fun!


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