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Say I tried to record the same programme twice, once from DVB-T and
from DVB-S, can VDR manage that? As they have different ids they
appear as unrelated to one part of VDR, but as they have the same
and times it might want to make the same filenames for both of them
clash. Or is that what the last digit just before the .rec part of the
directory name is for?

The last number in a recording's directory name is the VDR instance
is 0 by default and can be used in case several VDR instances use
the same
video directory). The second number from the right is the channel
This allows recording otherwise identical timers.

How would I be able to tell which is which in the
OSD etc? Would they be ordered by adapter number?

I'm afraid there is no way to see this in the OSD.


I'm pretty sure that I have had identical recording names, just one
was visible in the OSD.
Deleted that one and, the other one automagically appeared in the OSD
after it was updated.

VDR worked perfectly.

Which version of VDR are you using?
The channel number as part of the recording directory name
was introduced in version 1.7.3.


i have this issue with version "1.7.16-24yavdr1".
It happens when an auto timer records a show on SD&  HD (ORF1&  ORF1 HD
in my case).
The Details for the Show are exactly the same, and it gets displayed
only once in the recording list.

I just tried this by recording the same programme on "Das Erste HD" and "Das 
which gave me the directory structure

  drwxr-xr-x 2 kls users 4096 Jun  4 14:46 Rote_Rosen/2012-06-
  drwxr-xr-x 2 kls users 4096 Jun  4 14:47 Rote_Rosen/2012-06-

Both recordings show up in the "Recordings" list and can be replayed just fine.

Can you reproduce your problem with plain vanilla VDR 1.7.28?


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