Hi Mika,

Thanks for this patch! Great to get this feature back that i have been missing since my recent upgrade from vdr 1.6 to 1.7

Would it be possible to enhance the patch so that you would get the directories also sorted separately: Directories before recordings / directories after recordings (i prefer the latter option) sorted by name... :-)


On 20.05.2012 20:14 , Mika Laitio wrote:

Attached is a patch which allows to toggle the sort order
of recordings in the recording menu with vdr-1.7.27 between
- name
- date
- recording length

by pressing 0 key. At least I have found this to be very useful
feature when trying to find a just made recording from which you
do not know/remember the exact name to search from the long list of

The thing I do not like in the patch is that the user must know this "0"
key as all 4 colors are already reserved in VDR for other functions in
recordings menu. (play, go to beginning, delete and info).
But I do not know any better way to handle this at the moment.

Patch got inspiration from
originally submitted by Walter Koch some years ago.


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