On 11.06.2012 09:04, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
Now there is question: how should I define my channels?

Well, for starters you could set "Setup/DVB/Update channels" to "add new
in VDR's Setup menu. That should update your channels.conf as far as
Usually I use this option (as i remember it's "3" in setup.conf), but does it fix problem I had with "scrambled" flag? And it's not enough. What I read, only some transponders should be enough to make full scan because during scan more frequencies are broadcasted. It doesn't work for me. If i strictly don't define some transponders, they won't be recognized and scanned.

When i scan without diseqc defined, all outputed channel definitions have 0.0E - is it possible to tell scan which sattelite I use? Maybe I should switch on diseqc option, but in diseqc.conf set only one position?


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