Since recently I have been using Skystar USB HD with my vdr 
box. However I have some strange issues with 11817V on Astra 23.5E. 
Femon reports that there is a lock and sound comes but the image is 
completely garbled. I am starting to suspect that there might be 
something wrong with the driver, because I have no trouble with the 
other transpoders. Maybe it is the combination of fec=5/6 and 8psk on 
the said transponder that is the reason for this. Other transponders 
with fec=3/4 and 8psk are OK. The same setup with an HVR-4000 works 

Kernel: 3.3.4

VDR: 1.7.27

Could someone who owns a Skystar USB HD and has access to Astra 23.5E 
share his experience? Is this a driver issue a problem with vdr or is my card 

If someone would be kind enough to test this with his/hers hardware, there is a 
FTA channel on the problematic transponder:


Any help would be greatly appreciated.                                          

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