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> Why not just patch VDR so it cycles through channels that use the same
> channel number. No bothering with sql databases & dependency, no
> altering the real channel numbers, no real pain that I can think of.
> For example, say you have 3 different sources using the same channel
> number:
> channel 100, dvb-s
> channel 100, dvb-t
> channel 100, dvb-c
> You tune channel 100 from your remote, it tunes 100 dvb-s. Press 100
> again and it tunes 100 dvb-t. And again, 100 dvb-c. And again, loop
> back to 100 dvb-s. Also, instead of having to enter the channel number
> to cycle through them, maybe just use different keys (skip +/-,
> ffw/rew, some other keys) to cycle. If there's only one of that
> channel number, the cycle keys don't do anything.

The trouble with that idea is that it doesn't make it easy to work out
which source you've selected, especially via vdradmin, unless that gets
patched too.

I use DVB-T and DVB-S and I select DVB-S where possible. The reception
is more reliable, not being vulnerable to breaking up every time someone
rides past on a motor scooter :-/. I do this manually, so it's important
that I can tell which is which.

The official LCNs (published in most listings magazines) for UK's DVB-T
start at 1 and at 101 for DVB-S, so it's quite easy to keep them
separate; I only have to renumber a few DVB-T radio stations to avoid
clashes. This depends on external tools/scripts when scanning though.

I think having VDR (optionally) show something like "(T)"/"(S)" next to
the names is the best idea, but I also like the idea that it somehow
understands that they can be considered as identical. Further, there are
several regional variants of the main channels available on DVB-S, so it
would be handy if it could prompt something like, "It isn't possible to
record BBC 1 South and BBC 2 simultaneously, but you can record the same
programme from BBC 1 London instead."

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