For Channel ids,  have a look at the rfc used by the xmltv grabbers, you
can find a copy on

Il giorno 18/giu/2012 14:53, "Henning Pingel" <> ha

> To store all this metadata for a channel, the channel needs a unique ID
that is different from the technical unique ID that VDR uses internally
(Source-NID-TID-SID, for a more detailed explanation of this ID please read
VDR man page). The technical IDs of VDR are only used to identify a channel
within the channels.conf of one VDR user and his active DVB providers. But
we need IDs that are able to identify channels across different providers.
Therefore we have to make them up ourselves, based on their channel name. I
want to call them Channelpedia IDs for now - short: CPID, to make it easier
to talk about them.
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