VDR User wrote:
Hi. I was wondering if anyone has a patch that puts the disk usage
back into the title of the main & recording menus when using the
anthra (anthra_1920_OSE to be exact) with text2skin? After the
following change in vdr, there's no way to know how much free space is
on my recording drive without manually checking outside of vdr, and
that's very inconvenient.

- The disk usage is no longer automatically added to the title of the main and
   "Recordings" menus. This has always been a mekeshift solution and it is now 
   to the individual skin if, where and how it wants to display this 
   A skin can use the new cVideoDiskUsage class to implement such a display. For
   compatibility, the default skins "Classic VDR", "ST:TNG Panels" and
"Text mode"
   (i.e. curses) have been changed to behave like before. Other skins may want 
   display the disk usage in totally different ways.

In this case, the skin should be patched and not VDR!



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