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Am Montag, den 09.07.2012, 01:14 +0200 schrieb Martin Neuditschko:

> I actually recognized that my VDR consumes much CPU load.
> I used 1.2.24 and updated now to 1.2.28, but the problem still is the same.

do you mean 1.7.28?

> I also deactivated the epgsearch plugin which I am normally using for the
> following tests.
> The PC has a Dual Core CPU with 2 x 1,8GHz and 2GB RAM.


> I attached the syslog lines of the last VDR start-up.
> To my shame, I can't say when it started to use so much CPU. I set up MRTG 
> several
> month ago, but it looks like I didn't check its results afterwards since the
> actual CPU graph is very strange (25% load the last 5 hours and also now,
> nevertheless top says about 60-70% for VDR).


> This shows half user / half system load. Pretty strange.

I guess you need to check where VDR spends its time. You can use for
example OProfile for that.



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