On 07/09/12 18:57, Joerg Bornkessel wrote:
    "LCARS" is the new default skin of VDR. It requires at least a 4bpp (16 
color) full
    screen OSD, but you can still operate it if your OSD can handle only fewer 
    (in which case you may want to switch to the "ST:TNG" or "Classic VDR" 
* QA Notice: Package triggers severe warnings which indicate that it
*            may exhibit random runtime failures.
* skinlcars.c:518:39: warning: passing NULL to non-pointer argument 2 of 
‘cString ChannelString(const cChannel*, int)’ [-Wconversion-null]

I do not know if that is related,
but I noticed that the LCARS skin
sometimes fails to show the recording
name in the progress display (the one
thet shows up when you press OK
during playback).


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