since starting to use a AV receiver between TV and VDR, I have had HDMI detection problems.

To start X server even when TV is not on, I use custom edid file that I got from the tuner. With this, VDR always starts X properly, so even if VDR has auto-started for recording, the output works.

Card: Nvidia GT220, vdr-xine plugin, Xorg, NAD receiver and Sony TV.

If I start TV, though, for some reason, most often there is no negoatiation (or a failed one) between the receiver and VDR, so there will be no picture. Normally there is a sound, though. I have to switch the input selector of the receiver first to DVD input, then back to TV input to get the image. If the tuner and TV are on when X server starts, the image appears correctly.

Are there any flags in nvidia-settings or Xorg.conf or Xine configuration that would tell the graphics card to help the tuner to notice that there indeed is an image also on the HDMI cable?


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