> But is it really that necessary?
I guess it depends on the point of view.

It is right not all remotes provide the same key order, but the master plan 
since over 10 years is "RGYB". So if a individual doesn't want to use a remote 
following VDR's standard, should find a way around by themself, at least from 
my point of view. But hence, functionality of the color buttons remains still 
the same, even ist "YBRG" or what ever, pretty sure users get used to it after 
a while ...

> I haven't seen any postings here actually supporting that idea.
> The "quasi standard" sequence of the color buttons *is* RGYB...

Outside OSD the color buttons can be defined freely, but inside they is kind of 
fixed definitons fixed for these keys by source code. Maybe the target is to 
get a possibilty to change these now somewhat fixed mapping, that each 
individual can define ther what it want to have. Even the order, to match the 
order on the "non-VDR" remote ...

And yes, I remember 1 or 2 questions in vdr-portal regarding this ... ;-)


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