On 12 August 2012 21:12, Scott Waye <sc...@waye.co.uk> wrote:
> Upgraded a bunch of stuff (vdr -> 1.7.28, xinelib -> latest from hg) and
> I've lost my transparent OSD (ST:TNG)  when using vdr-sxfe.  What is it that
> controls the transparency of the OSD?  Does vdr overlay the OSD onto  the
> video, or is it sent as a separate layer somehow to the output device and
> the output device decides how to merge?  I would like to know if I need to
> concentrate on vdr config or xine config.

I had a similar problem a little while back: I upgraded (I think...)
xineliboutput, libxine, ffmpeg and vdr on my frontend box. I _think_ I
had vdr-1.7.26 on the server and 1.7.27 on the frontend. Bizarrely, I
had lost all transparency on skinsoppalusikka that I usually use but
did have transparency with the ST:TNG skin! I spent quite a while
trying to work out why because both skins used the same alpha values
for the backgrounds, etc.!

A couple of weeks back, I bit the bullet and hacked about some of my
plugins so that I could compile them with vdr-1.7.29, and I also
upgraded ffmpeg, libxine, xineliboutput to the latest CVS, mercurial,
SVN, or whatever, and transparency is back!

I never did work out what caused it (I suspect different versions of
"something" on the server and the front end) but updating various
things to the same versions on both seemed to do the trick.


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