On 25.08.2012 04:04, Timothy D. Lenz wrote:
ATSC is the standard for OTA broadcast in the US now. It would be nice if 
support could be built into vdr now. The plugin for getting eit data and 
scanning for channels hasn't been updated in 2 years. It still has problems. on 
my x64 system, it seg faults most of the time when trying to scan for
channels. It's more of a fluke that when it does work. And boradcasters don't 
follow the standards or something because I often don't have guide data when a 
60$ converter box is able to find guide data.

It would be nice to have its functions moved to VDR and then just dump the 
plugin. It served it's purpose when ATSC was just starting to be used, but it's 
time to build it in instead of it being an after thought.

I don't think that problems would be fixed any better if this were
part of the official VDR code. If the original author no longer maintains
the code, somebody else should take over and fix it.
VDR is mainly written for the *DVB* standard. Anything else should be


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