On 03.09.2012 15:42, Ludwig Nussel wrote:
Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
On 09.05.2012 16:36, Manuel Reimer wrote:
what is the current status in this topic? Anyone working on this?

Attached is a revised version of the patch, as I intend to adopt it
in version 1.7.30.

Looks like I missed the discussion when this patch was posted
originally. Here are my 2ยข's:

+VIDEODIR     = /srv/vdr/video

Using /srv is fishy and some distros like Fedora even disallow
packages to put anything there. Recordings are automatically created
and potentially also automatically deleted. Some of them you want to
keep and some you delete after watching. So IMHO they are some kind
of spool file where either the machine or a human decides about
their fate. So nine years ago when I started packaging vdr for SUSE
I decided to use /var/spool/video (could have been /var/spool/vdr
too). The second best candidate would be /var/lib/vdr/something I

+CONFDIR      = /var/lib/vdr

Even though vdr may update some of the files there itself I still
think they belong to /etc to make sure they are included in backups by

Since I myself only use the "one single /video directory mode", I absolutely
don't care what paths are used in FHS mode. Therefore I'll put in there
whatever the community agrees upon (although I doub't that there will ever
be an agreement ;-).

So anybody who feels like it, please post the necessary patch here,
and let me know whether or not it should go into the VDR source.

What's missing is a directory for include files to be able to build
plugins separate from vdr.

Makefile: INCDIR?


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