2012/9/3 Ludwig Nussel <ludwig.nus...@suse.de>:
> Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> On 09.05.2012 16:36, Manuel Reimer wrote:
>>> what is the current status in this topic? Anyone working on this?
>> Attached is a revised version of the patch, as I intend to adopt it
>> in version 1.7.30.
> Looks like I missed the discussion when this patch was posted
> originally. Here are my 2ยข's:
> +VIDEODIR     = /srv/vdr/video
> Using /srv is fishy and some distros like Fedora even disallow
> packages to put anything there. Recordings are automatically created
> and potentially also automatically deleted. Some of them you want to
> keep and some you delete after watching. So IMHO they are some kind
> of spool file where either the machine or a human decides about
> their fate. So nine years ago when I started packaging vdr for SUSE
> I decided to use /var/spool/video (could have been /var/spool/vdr
> too). The second best candidate would be /var/lib/vdr/something I
> think.

FHS 2.3 (http://www.pathname.com/fhs/pub/fhs-2.3.pdf) says:

/var/spool contains data which is awaiting some kind of later
processing. Data in /var/spool represents
work to be done in the future (by a program, user, or administrator);
often data is deleted after it has been

I don't think that this applies to recordings.

> +CONFDIR      = /var/lib/vdr
> Even though vdr may update some of the files there itself I still
> think they belong to /etc to make sure they are included in backups by
> default.

Some people mount their /etc read-only. This would break VDR's
functionality. Nevertheless we already talked about this and most
people agree with /var/lib/vdr

> What's missing is a directory for include files to be able to build
> plugins separate from vdr.


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