2012/9/6 Ludwig Nussel <ludwig.nus...@suse.de>:
> Manuel Reimer wrote:
>> So for me it seems to be useless to try to strictly separate VDR's
>> configuration files between "static" and "dynamic". They all should be
>> dynamic and maybe at any time they could get dynamic, if Klaus
>> improves the OSD setup possibilities.
> I'd still consider a file that is only modified if the user
> intentionally does so via the remote control static. There's no
> difference between that and using an editor except for the user
> interface.
>>> Lots of VDR-users use VDR as a standalone system and for those systems
>>> /var/spool might be more appropriate than /srv
>> /var/spool is definitively wrong, as this applies to "queue-like" things.
> Well, that's your opinion.

It's also my opinion. And the opinion of many others e.g. yaVDR Maintainers.
OK timeshift recordings could be saved to /var/spool, but for most
people the recording directory is more like an archive.

>>> /srv is right, if the VDR-machine offers the recordings like a NAS or
>>> MediaServer,
>> FHS says:
>> |  /srv : Data for services provided by this system
>> So as VDR is the primary service of such a box, /srv seems to be OK
>> for me. And many distributions share the recordings via FTP or Samba
> /srv in theory is taboo for distros (and it is in fact for Fedora)
> so distros will be forced to patch vdr to use something else. It's
> fine to use for a self compiled vdr but it's not for a distro
> package.

I maintain build scripts for Archlinux (No, not ArchVDR) and there
it's only "taboo" to install files there.
A good example in Archlinux is httpd, nothing is installed to /srv but
httpd is configured to search for website data there.

>> For me the discussion about the default setting seems to be
>> useless. The current default seems to match the FHS definitions
>> pretty well and any distribution is able to easily add own
>> settings via make parameters or via Make.config. So feel free to
>> override the default and use your own settings.
> We are forced to do that already anyways. If vdr changes anything wrt
> fs layout I'd really like to see something acceptable for distros to
> end the ranting about the different locations of /video.
> Where are the vdr package maintainers of other distros hiding anyways?

There is a thread about FHS in the German forum VDR-Portal

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