Ludwig Nussel wrote:
I'd still consider a file that is only modified if the user
intentionally does so via the remote control static. There's no
difference between that and using an editor except for the user

The difference is, that /etc is mounted readonly on some distributions (like Debian)! This is OK if you only do changes in very rare cases. In this cases, you just remount /etc with writing enabled for that short time.

This doesn't work with VDR. Especially as there doesn't have to be user interaction for the files to be modified. VDR changes channels.conf pretty often even without the user knowing about that. If you use "epgsearch", then "timers.conf" is modified regularly depending on the channels EPG data, ...

This is why such stuff should go below /var/lib.

/srv in theory is taboo for distros (and it is in fact for Fedora)
so distros will be forced to patch vdr to use something else.

No need to patch anything. Just prepare your own "Make.config" and place into the source directory before you start building VDR.

fine to use for a self compiled vdr but it's not for a distro

I searched the web and for me it seems like even OpenSuSE uses /srv/www to store the "service relevant" data for the Apache webserver. So why is this OK for Apache but bad for VDR?

VDR does not *install* files to the VIDEODIR, by default. It just uses it to store recordings.



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