Am 07.09.2012 12:33, schrieb Klaus Schmidinger:
On 06.09.2012 21:09, Manuel Reimer wrote:
Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
Attached is a revised version of the patch, as I intend to adopt
it in version 1.7.30.

Didn't try it, so far, but I had a look at it and maybe, I've found a
small problem:

+# By default VDR requires only one single directory to operate:
  VIDEODIR = /video
+# See Make.config.template if you want to build VDR according to the
FHS ("File system Hierarchy Standard")


+    @cp *.conf $(DESTDIR)$(CONFDIR)

For me this seems like "install-conf" does not longer work if FHS is
*not* used, as "CONFDIR" is not defined without the FHS mode enabled?

Mabe this would help:

--- Makefile    2012/09/01 13:22:33     2.28
+++ Makefile    2012/09/07 10:31:35
@@ -76,6 +76,10 @@

  # The version numbers of VDR and the plugin API (taken from VDR's

  VDRVERSION = $(shell sed -ne '/define
VDRVERSION/s/^.*"\(.*\)".*$$/\1/p' config.h)

Please let me know if this should be added.

Hmm, CONFDIR ist already defined in the Makefile.

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