On 12.08.2012 11:52, fnu wrote:
Outside OSD the color buttons can be defined freely, but inside they is kind of fixed 
definitons fixed for these keys by source code. Maybe the target is to get a possibilty 
to change these now somewhat fixed mapping, that each individual can define ther what it 
want to have. Even the order, to match the order on the "non-VDR" remote ...

I'm considering adopting the "Make RGYB buttons customizable" patch, but I don't
think it would be a good idea to modify the actual functionality of these 
For one, this would require some major changes in VDR's own code, and also any
plugins that use color buttons. And it would also affect tools that issue key
presses via the SVDRP command HITK. Any documentation that mentions the color 
would no longer apply if the keys don't result in the original commands.
And finally, users could no longer simply say things like "to play the recording
from the very beginning, press the green button now". They would have to know
the color key sequence of the remote control in use in order to talk in terms
of color keys.

So before I adopt this patch, I want to make it very clear that this is *not*
going to be the first step towards a "babylonical" confusion... ;-)


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