On 10.09.2012 16:38, Gero wrote:
On Monday 10 September 2012 - 16:05:25, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
- When checking whether a video directory is empty, file names that start
with a dot ('.') are now ignored and will be implicitly removed if the
directory contains no other files. This fixes the leftover ".sort" files
that were introduced in version 1.7.29.

I  possibly missed the discussion about that item.

I consider the implicit removal of dot-files problematic and suboptimal.
Until vdr 1.7.29 it was possible to create mount-points and execute a
"touch <mount-point>/.nodelete" to ensure, the vdr will not delete that mount-
From OSD-menu then mounting of external storage was possible.

It is of cause stil possible, as scripts could create directories, but that
may cause problems with access-permissions.

Creating an empty file without leading dot will prohibit the removal too, but I
think, the directory will then appear in the recording menu, which is not the
case, with just a dotfile in.

The recording menu only displays directories that contain actual
recordings (or subdirectories with recordings). A plain file doesn't
trigger displaying a directory.


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