I'm not sure about my findings, but I still decided to share here and maybe
get some feedback (positive or negative) in the matter.

I'm running vdr server on a sheevaplug, archlinux, kernel 3.5.x.
Vdr and plugins compiled using Archvdr team packages.
When I will got a chance, I'll probably recompile this again and look for
some warning.

With streamdev server everything working fine, channel listing is perfect.

With both xvdr and vnsi channel listing corrupt and partial, and no epg
On x64/86 everything works fine.

I'm pretty positive this isn't related to xbmc pvr api change nor xbmc
addon, I believe it's server side related.

As a non developer but little curious I did some code reading and found out
both xvdr and vnsi uses the cCharSetConv function (xvdrclient.h) from
vdr/tools.c, I'm not sure if the cause is there or not.

Any thoughts on the matter?
Anyone got a xvdr or vnsi setup on arm (or other non x64/86 system) based
system with no such issues?

p.s. I never understood how to proper use the mailing list system, any
guide on the subject?
mainly I didn't manage (using gmail) to get my reply added to an existing
subject and not as new one.

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