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On 26.09.2012 15:09, "André Schenk" wrote:
Hi André,

1) is lack of v4l devices a feature of the DVB-S2 driver / S2-6400
firmware, or has something gone wrong?

The video device node is missing, because it has not been implemented in
the driver yet. We will hopefully see this feature in the future.

does this mean that the S2-6400 cannot be used as video output device like
the old full featured DVB-S cards at the moment?

I assume that you are/were using the old FF-card with an AV-board or at least used the cinch Video-out on the card to get the signal to your TV...

The S2-6400 has both RGB/(S-)Video-Out and HDMI-Out. So you can connect it to your TV as usual.

The /dev/dvb/adapter0/video device node however does not (yet) exist.


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