On 30/09/12 23:04, Laurence Abbott wrote:
On 30 September 2012 19:50, Dave<v...@pickles.me.uk>  wrote:
I'm using VOMP on Raspberry Pi as my main output device. The OSD is still
work-in-progress but all the VOMP features are working and TV quality is
fine (though I haven't used HD yet).

Oooo...interesting. I'm currently using an Ion ITX board for my
front-end using xineliboutput. It works but the frontend needs
restarting many times a day which gets a tad annoying! I@m very
tempted to sort something else out and at 25-quid or so, a Raspberry
Pi sounds like it could be my next thing to try!

You also need to buy a licence code to enable the GPU decoder for MPEG-2 at £2.40 (MPEG-4 is already enabled).

I've got a couple of MediaMVPs that I use occasionally with VOMP but I
didn't realise much was still being done on the development of it. I
can't find much on t'internet about VOMP on the Pi, though, apart form
the git repository and the forum.

Does VOMP run the same on the Pi as on the MediaMVPs, i.e. totally
separate frontend with it's own remote? What remote receivers are

It currently uses CEC, ie passthrough from the TV over HDMI, and so uses the TV's remote. Of course not all TV remotes are the same, and different TVs have different ideas about which buttons to pass through...


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