On 03.10.2012 12:22, Udo Richter wrote:
Am 03.10.2012 10:36, schrieb AlexW:
If no last viewed recording was set (mostly after restart of vdr) and
you press the Play Button all Recordings will be shown.

Nice idea. But I think the idea of having the play button have more 
functionality can be improved further.

For one thing, a feature that I always wanted to implement, but never got to, 
is to remember the last playback across restarts, so you can easily stop 
watching, shut down, restart later, and just hit play to continue. Shouldn't be 
too difficult.

This could be done by simply storing the name of the last viewed recording
in setup.conf.

Obviously, this would make your idea mostly useless.

Not really. If the last viewed recording has been deleted, this new
functionality could still kick in (and it will, since I've already
adopted this patch for verison1.7.32 ;-).
Besides, I have added the same functionality to the Blue key in the
main menu.

On a second thought however, VDR could react differently when reaching the end 
of a recording, compared to stopping in the middle. When played back to the 
end, hitting play would show the last 10 seconds again, something you probably 
don't want. Instead, VDR could show the recordings folder the
recording was in, so you can for example pick the next following recording. Or 
if you really want to see that recording, just hit play again.

I really like the idea of starting up VDR, hit play, and either continue to 
watch the last recording I've seen, or to start watching the next following 

Thoughts on that?

Sounds way too complex for my taste.


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