On 10.10.2012 16:22, Denis Loh wrote:

I want to check for updates on the present events in the schedule. I was checking 
"Schedule->Modified > lastModified", where lastModified is the timestamp when I 
checked it last time. However, every time I do the check, it was modified, even if there's no 
obvious change.

Do you mean "no obvious change" in the present event, or in any event of that 

So, how do I check if the present event (currently running event) was modified, 
i.e. the current event was replaced by the next event or any detail of this 
event has been changed?

What you could do is to store the event id, table id and version of that event
and compare them to the current data. Whenever an event is changed it
gets a new version (and possibly table id).

Additionally, I'd like to know, if there equivalent way to do such a check on 
the channels list as Channels.Modified() is reset after the call. I have never 
detected a channel list change though syslog states some automatic changes.

I'm afraid this is not possible.


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