On 13.10.2012 16:04, Torgeir Veimo wrote:
When background EIT scanning is enabled, I am getting signal
disruption about every 21 seconds, with my dual sony playtv tuners (2
playtv boxes each with two tuners).

The signal level is mostly constant at 70% with solid problemfree
reception otherwise.

I've heard that the nova-t 500 cards can have issues with disruption
when the second tuner on a card is tuning, so I presume this is a
similar problem, as the hardware is mostly the same. Is VDR really
tuning to a new channel every 21 seconds?

It's actually 20 seconds - see cEITScanner::ScanTimeout.

Is it possible to limit EIT scans to a designated frontend?

No. Any frontend that is currently not occupied otherwise is assumed to
be available for EIT scanning.
Maybe there is a bug in the driver that prevents the two frontends
from tuning independently?


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