On 20.10.2012 15:18, Tony Houghton wrote:
Strange. FWIW I used to use the Hauppauge "grey" remote, but I replaced that card and none of my other receivers came with suitable remotes (not enough buttons etc) so I bought an HP MCE remote and cheap generic MCE receiver

With a bit of fiddling and a reboot and both mouse and keyboard codes are nicely received by inputlirc. For me, the benefit of in-kernel drivers and inputlirc is that there is again fewer non-packetized components in the system, so updates are again easier.

For some reason, there were a couple of non-functioning buttons with lirc, and now with rc-keymaps and inputlirc some non-functioning again, but they are different keys. I wonder if there is a mailing list for these things; I could report the keys there.


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