Am 29.10.2012 13:04, schrieb syrius...@no-log.org:
> Talking about dynamite,
> I'm using it because of my dvb-ttpci card and my usb dvb-t dongle.
> Their driver/firmware need to be reloaded from time to time.
> There're 3 dvd-s cards and 1 dvb-t usb stick.
> I'm using the adapter_nr module feature to order the cards.
> - card 0 : WinTV-NOVA-HD-S2 (uses diseqc, can receive S28.2E and S19.2E)
> - card 1 : WinTV-NOVA-S     (uses diseqc, can receive S28.2E and S19.2E)
> - card 2 : FF Rev. 1.5      (uses diseqc, can receive S28.2E) 
> - card 3 : rtl2832u 
> I'm using udev rules to configure the timeout and to pass an argument
> to the timeout_handler.
> I'm using vdr 1.7.30 atm, I've been observing one weird behaviour for
> quite a long time now:

 A ported patch for vdr 1.7.31 has been added to the git repository of dynamite:

 In the plugin itself I dropped support for older 1.7.x version, so maybe you 
have to switch to vdr 1.7.31 if possible
to debug this issue.

> after I watch a recording my dynamite-patched-vdr often reloads card
> #0 for no apparent reason.
> When the recording ends, i get a black screen instead of live tv.
> After the timeout my handler script detach the card from vdr, reloads
> the dvb driver and reattach the card.
> After the card is detached vdr automatically switches to another card,
> that's an expected behavior.
> After the card is reattached i can use femon to switch back to card
> #0: it's working again.

 Have you any logging from such a situation? dynamite is rather verbose so that 
may be helpful.
 Besides GetTS-timeout have you also set an idle-timeout?

> So you would say: buggy driver.
> But lately i've been commenting out the driver reload part in my
> handler script: to fix the black screen you just have to detach the
> card from vdr then reattach it. (nothing more)
> So I guess it's rather an issue with the dynamite patch, have you ever
> encountered it or a similar behavior ?

 Haven't seen such behaviour before, but I don't use this feature... :)
 When implemented I tested it with a DVB-USB-stick which I unplugged when a 
stream was in progress.


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