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Hi All,

I have an usb dvb-t receiver. When something goes wrong, (for instance when
I unplug, and then re-plug the receiver) I see in my syslog something along
the lines of "video data stream broken" or "error stopping stream". Then
vdr restarts itself.

The problem is that the kernel does not reinitialize the receiver until nobody
is using the device. reinitialize takes a few seconds, but vdr does not release
the device long enough for that to happen. The result is that vdr restarts
many times.

When I stop vdr, wait a few seconds, and then start it again, the USB receivers
work fine again.

Is there a way to let vdr wait for 10 seconds during the emergency restart?

In your restart script (typically runvdr, depending on your linux distribution, you need to put a sleep at the right place. No need for anything complex. The "good" solution would be to get the driver for your device fixed.

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