On 08.11.2012, at 20:43, Stefan Huelswitt <s.huelsw...@gmx.de> wrote:

> Hi,
> I can confirm this problem, at least in 1.7.27 (which I'm using at the 
> moment). I use the attached patch to resolve it.
> Am 08.11.2012 10:19, schrieb Klaus Schmidinger:
>>>> Well, there is a toupper() in cDvbTransponderParameters::Parse(), so
>>>> I would expect that all characters can be given in either upper- or
>>>> lowercase.
> Right, but the toupper() is only in the comparision, but it passes the 
> original (lowercase) value. And later during tuning the comparision fails.

Ah, now I see why it works here - I'm using DiSEqC. Like apparently almost
everybody else, otherwise this problem should have surfaced much earlier ;-)

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