Am 19.11.2012 08:51, schrieb Marx:
> Sorry for small off-topic but can you recommend editor which can edit TS 
> stream, mainly by cutting off adverts? Besides
> VDR I have Enigma based tuner and it saves TS stream, but differently from 
> VDR so I can't use VDR to edit.
> Marx

 I have a workflow (on Windows) which generates really good videos.
- demux with ProjectX
- cut with Cuttermaran
- mux with mencoder (to mpg actually)

 But this will work only with SD/mpeg2 material.

 TS-Doctor ist good for repairing HD-Streams and Smart Cutter seems to be an 
analog solution like Cuttermaran, but I
haven't tested it yet. Smart Cutter and Cuttermaran reencodes only the GOP with 
the cut out/in and leave the rest of the
stream  unchanged. They allow cutting even on B frames so you can remove ads 
and you won't recognize the cut afterwards.


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