I'm not using such a card, but I use a multituner (4 tuner) VDR setup, and I really like this 8 tuner/1slot idea.
I have two major problems with my setup;
1. Using PCI cards I'm limited to a maximum of 5 tuners, and I also need to use a PCI gigabit network adapter, so I have 4 tuners. I had bad experiences with USB DVB-S2 adapters (random restarts, bad signal locking, etc). 2. My 4 tuners are not from the same manufacturer and/or model, so I have to use different driver modules for them. But all of my card's drivers has some issues. For example one of the cards can't lock on SR 30k, I have to use 29999 in channels.conf. So, if I have a line in channels.conf, I'm not 100% sure, that ALL of my tuners will work on that channel. This leads to the conclusion, that for multituner setup is highly recomended to use ONLY one kind of card with the suitable driver.

In conlcuision I'm also interested, maybe someone can share some experiences with Duoflex modules. If they are reliable, having stable drivers, it could be an interesting solution for multituner setup.


On 2012.11.26. 11:13, Oliver Schinagl wrote:
Hey VDR friends,

I'm thinking of getting into the whole satellite thing (DVB-T user for
now) and was searching for interesting DVB-S2 tuners. I found that the
l4m octopus/duoflex-s2 a very interesting device. While expensive you
can connect up to 8 tuners! to a single PCI-e 1x lane (Bandwith should
be more then enough). While I know there is a octopus mini-pcie device,
I heard that there where some PCB issues so decided on getting the PCI-e

I have tried googling for some up to date linux! information but found
very little. Are there any l4m/dd octopus/duoflex DVB-S2 (or even
CAM/DVB-C/DVB-T) users here that can share their current (and past)
experiences? The tuner (only 1 dualtuner board and the octopus) will set
you back a good 200Euro so I want to be sure that the devices is
properly supported.



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