Oliver Schinagl wrote:
> Nevertheless, good to know that DVB-S2 on the ngene is well supported (I
guess ) :)

Yes it is, but it's a different device, so don't mix it. The kernel modules
"ddbridge" or "ngene" do represent the PCIe-Bridges, not the receiving

"ngene" based cards have been the former devices, with less possibilities to
expand tuners, DVB-S2 only available and no CI support. The first versions
of these devices has been a PCIe PCB (V5.4 and prior) with just 2 DVB-S2
tuners and no connector for additional ones. The last version (V5.5) of
"ngene" based devices had also 2 DVB-S2 tuner and one connector for
additional 2x DVB-S2 (Flex-Modules). I'm running a V5.5 with 4x DVB-S2 in a
VDR since March 2011 connected to a SCR environment, perfect :-)

"ddbridge" did enhance the possibilities. There are two different solutions
out there, either the classic DVB-S2 dual-tuner PCIe similar to the V5.x
ones, called V6.x. This PCIe PCB do have two connectors for Flex-Modules,
which can be a single CI, dual CI, dual DVB-S2 or Dual DVB-C/T.
Alternatively there are or have been the bridges only (no tuners) available,
either as PCIe 1x PCB or mPCIe. AFAIK there has been two versions out, one
with 2 connectors, one with 4 connectors. With the last you could build a
VDR with up to 8 tuners connected to a single [m]PCIe card ...

The dual Flex-Modules of the V5.5 and V6.2 are interchangable, they are
bottomline the same, just normal product care over the time ...

I'm running also an L4M Dual DVB-S2 V5.4 (ngene) and a V6.2 (ddbridge) in
test and development maschines.

Kind regards

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