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On 28.11.2012 11:18, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
On 28.11.2012 10:41, Lucian Muresan wrote:


I think this should be done by cDevice and not by some obscure "service"
plugin developers
happen to agree upon.

The interface I would suggest looks like this:

   virtual cRect cDevice::CanScaleVideo(const cRect &Rect,
eTextAlignment Alignment = taCenter) { return cRect::Null; }
       ///< Asks the output device whether it can scale the currently
shown video in such a way that
       ///< it fits into the given Rect. If the scaled video doesn't
exactly fit into Rect,
       ///< Alignment is used to determine how to align the actual
rectangle with the requested one.
       ///< The actual rectangle can be smaller, larger or the same size
as the given Rect.
       ///< Returns the rectangle that can actually be used when scaling
the video. A skin plugin
       ///< using this function should rearrange its content according
to the rectangle returned
       ///< from calling this function, and should especially be
prepared for cases where the
       ///< returned rectangle is way off the requested Rect, or even
Null. In such cases, the skin
       ///< may want to fall back to working with full screen video.
       ///< If this device can't scale the video, a Null rectangle is
returned (this is also the
       ///< default implementation).
   virtual void cDevice::ScaleVideo(const cRect &Rect = cRect::Null) {}
       ///< Scales the currently shown video in such a way that it fits
into the given Rect.
       ///< Rect must have been retrieved through a previous call to
       ///< If this device can't scale the video, nothing happens.
       ///< To restore full screen video, call this function with a Null

eTextAlignment is somewhat abused here, maybe we should rename that to a
more general eAlignment.
Since this API extension doesn't have any further impact on any existing
VDR functions, I would
be willing to add it even before version 2.0.

this is just, what can I say, great! Kudos for the proposals you made (they make A LOT of sense), and also for willing to quickly introduce it before 2.0!

Thank you,

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