I would want to somehow configure VDR to use positioner (H-H motor) and dual 
tuner setup, to receive two transponders from same source at one time.

My current hardware setup is: TechnoTrend S2-6400 dual tuner DVB-S2 with H/W 
decoder, H-H motor and a quad LNB.

I'm using diseqc commands in diseqc.conf to control the motor, as GOTOXX patch 
and rotorng plugin are both too buggy to be used. Rotorng I used to store 
the positions.

Currently I only have one tuner in use, and it is connected to the motor.

I was wondering if it would be somehow possible to get second tuner in use 
also. It would be connected directly to LNB, and that tuner would be limited to 
same satellite source as the other tuner is tuned to, and have independent 


PS. What is the current recomended way for using positioner with VDR? Preferred 
would be a USALS capable setup.

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