On 27.12.2012 23:40, fnu wrote:
But the way of the last changes, in best manner of Louis XIV, ignoring
all other needs around can't be the right way.

All I did was to accept a patch from Christopher Reimer that removed
some redundancy in the Makefiles and would better isolate the plugins
Makefiles from the core VDR. Sure, it's an incompatible change, but
sometimes you have to make some deeper cuts, and a developer version is
the place to do that. I even provided a sample patch that shows all the
necessary changes to plugin Makefiles, and I am now working on integrating
the input that was triggered by this change (see the patch I posted
earlier today).

If I don't accept patches, I'm blamed for slowing down development.
If I do accept a patch that causes a little work to adapt to (but
looks promising in the long run), I'm being offended by being compared
to Louis XIV. I guess you just can't win 'em all...


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