> I think fnu is wrong in his assumption that "over 95% of VDR users"

I'm not wrong, the users compiling VDR from scratch are far in minority.
Again I'm not just talking about ready to run ISO images.

There are plenty of silent users working the packages out of Linux' distros
repositories, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Fedrora etc. Many of them run VDR
underneath any other HTPC solution. These users don't argue on mailing lists
nor on the different forum, so nobody can hear them.

On top of these amount, there are a lot of silent users running ISO based
VDRs. I assume there is still a good hundred linvdr installations out there,
running their good old FF cards.

But that is not the topic here, it's more that the few maintainers of these
repositories, what ever kind, are ignored in their needs to provide usable
packages to these quite huge number of users. A few DIY users are more equal
then even fewer distro and packaging maintainers ...

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