31.12.2012 00:54, fnu:
>> As good as vdrportal is as a VDR resource, the language barrier _is_ a
> problem for english speakers.
> Same with this mailing list for german speakers ... and now?

English isn't just for the British and Americans. I realize that if I start
a VDR forum/mailing-list and require Norwegian as language, the community
would be fairly limited.

Don't get me wrong, doing user support in native languages helps extend the
userbase, but if you want a broad developer community then the language of
choice should be English.

vdr-portal.de has everything in German, you got to be pretty ballsy to start
an English thread there. You have to trust the Google Translate just to find
out which sub-forum to post in - and you then still risk posting the wrong
place and getting flamed.

It would be nice to hear what Klaus prefers as the main development channel
(notice: *main* development channel, not the only channel).

And if vdr-portal.de would do something to stimulate non-German speakers to
participate, that would be great. Either some statements or a seperate part
of the forum - with English titles.

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