On Tue, Jan 1, 2013 at 8:52 PM, Lars Hanisch <d...@flensrocker.de> wrote:
>  This is an invitation: Please create more posts in english at vdr-portal! If 
> a critical mass is passed it will be
> easier for the ones coming past us. Sure there's only a small "international" 
> part, but it is there. And of course there
> will be "idiots", you got them everywhere, even at this mailing list. :)
>  I promise if I have something valuable to say to an question asked in 
> english I will give my best and will answer it.

I can second Lars here, following my English post on vdr-portal we
worked together to fix rotorng with later versions of VDR in yavdr

Perhaps a sticky at the top of the forum discussing and encouraging
the use of English for non-German speaking users would help and giving
some guidance on the best way to approach it, so as to avoid flames.

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