On Wed, Jan 2, 2013 at 11:10 PM, Goga777 <goga...@bk.ru> wrote:
>> >> Recently in kernel was added full multistream support (DTV_STREAM_ID)
>> >> https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/1351421/
>> >>
>> >> is there any plans to implement multistream support in vdr ?
>> >
>> >
>> > DTV_STREAM_ID is already used in VDR for DVB-T2.
>> The current DVB-T2 support is with CXD2820. CXD2820 supports only a single 
>> TS.
>> The only demodulators in kernel that supports Multiple Input Stream
>> (MIS) are the STV0900 and the STV0903.
> yes.
> But what do you think about cx24116 - is it possible to patch cx24116 
> driver/firmware for multistream
> support ?

As far as I am aware, CX24116 and all Conexant derivatives (including the
ones Trident bought from Conexant through NXP, ie TDA10071) do not
support Input Stream Identifier or Multiple Input streams.

Maybe it might be possible with a new firmware for those devices, but who
knows ? Especially when Trident is also dead and the demods and STB
business is now with Sigma Designs ?

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