On 03.01.2013 08:22, Goga777 wrote:
Recently in kernel was added full multistream support (DTV_STREAM_ID)

is there any plans to implement multistream support in vdr ?

DTV_STREAM_ID is already used in VDR for DVB-T2.

what about DTV_STREAM_ID for dvb-s2 ?

Which parameter would go in there, and where would it come from?

parameter "P" in channels.conf for identification of sub-stream


and small patch from crazycat for VDR 1.7.35

Have you tested this and does it actually work?
I can hardly imagine that, because in

+     if (frontendType == SYS_DVBT2 || frontendType == SYS_DVBS2) {
+        // DVB-T2/DVB-S2
         SETCMD(DTV_STREAM_ID, dtp.PlpId());

"frontendType" will never be SYS_DVBS2 because in line 816 this is
already limited to SYS_DVBT or SYS_DVBT2:

  else if (frontendType == SYS_DVBT || frontendType == SYS_DVBT2) {

I would assume that this also requires some additional code in VDR's nit.c
in order to store the "PlpId" in the transponder parameters of DVB-S2
transponders (see case case SI::T2DeliverySystemDescriptorTag).


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