Hi all!

This may or may not be related to the Make.config discussion.  I'm
having difficulties to package vdr-1.7.35 compiled along with some
plugins; "make install" produces nonsense under $DESTDIR, no matter
whether I change $UP3 to use `pwd` or not. libdir and locdir always
contain $UP3, which is always incorrect. I haven't even tried yet to
compile other plugins against the installed vdr package.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, IMHO there's a difference between the
place where vdr is compiled, and the final runtime on the target
system. Thus, if you stick to the package-config approach, 2 separate
vdr.pc files would be required: one for the plugins compiled along
with vdr, and one to be installed on the target system. I also fail
to see this differentiation in the Makefile: LOCDIR and PLUGINDIR (and
derived LIBDIR) appear only once in it, not to talk about INCDIR, see
above. All contain $CWD.

What am I missing?


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