On 08.01.2013 22:47, Mika Laitio wrote:
I don't think it's difficult to do right at all to be honest. You can
just make user-defined thresholds so the the user can decide himself
how many mins or % of the total recording triggers the partial-view
and viewed flags. For example one guy might want:

not-viewed: <5% viewed
partial-viewed: 5%+ viewed
viewed: 95%+ viewed

and another guy could customize it differently such as <10%, 10%+,
99%+...  This way the user gets the 3 flags and gets to decide when
they're triggered. I think this would satisfy the majority/most users
with low difficulty to implement.

Percentages would not work well as 5% is much more from 20 minute
recording than 2 hour movie.

But a little related to this, I think it would be great if there could
be some kind of short cut for command that one could use after watching
the recording to cut away end of the recording. So when ending texts
start, one key press would just cut rest away and also stop the viewing.

I could imagine the following:

- define a User0 key on your remote control (or User1, 2, ... 9)

- in keymacros.conf add a line
  User0 0 7 0 9 2 Stop

When you press the User0 key during replay it should then

- set a mark at the current position
- jump to the very beginning of the recording
- set a mark at the beginning
- jump back to where you stopped viewing
- start the

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