On 11/01/13 23:50, Leo Márquez wrote:
Dear all,

I'm trying to build vdr-1.7.35.
I know that it requires at least a DVB driver with api version 5.3 or
higher. For this reason I downloaded and compiled the V4L-DVB dvb
drivers from linuxtv.org <http://linuxtv.org>.
The process seems to be completed ok, I restarted to be sure the new
driver is used and I also created a Make.config file in the vdr folder
in order to specify the DVBDIR but VDR is still complaining about the

At this time I'm a little bit confused and I'm not sure if I'm using the
new driver or not. Is there a way to check if I'm using a dvb api
version 5.3 or higher?
If I check the DVB api version and it is ok, what can I do next?

I'm using debian squeeze with kernel 2.6.32.

Thank you very much.

VDR checks the API version by looking in the DVB version.h header file. On my system the file is provided by the user kernel headers package and is /usr/include/linux/dvb/version.h.

If you have installed a new driver separate from the kernel then hopefully the driver will have provided new versions of the header files. You will need to persuade VDR to use these new files instead of the ones supplied with the kernel.


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