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Mariusz Bialonczyk wrote:
On 11/10/2012 12:12 AM, Mariusz Bialonczyk wrote:
Is it possible that it is caused by some global lock or mutexes
in VDR?

It seems the cause of the problem has been located by Alex Pipelka.

The vdr freezes occurs when obtaining the signal strength/quality
with functions SignalStrength() and/or SignalQuality()
and when non-busy adapter has tunining issues
(frontend x/x timed out while tuning to channel ...).
It occurs only on multi adapters systems (one adapter is doing
EIT scan and the other is used, eg for a live-tv).

Guys, any thoughts on this?
I think it may be even kernel/drivers related issue.

some details in commit discussion:

I am running vdr 1.7.34 with a TT S2 6400 card on a dual core Intel Atom 1.8GHz 
board and believe I may be seeing these issues.

They manifest as intermittent video/audio disturbances of less than one frame duration - 
the audio usually gives a "squawk".

I tried adding the suggested patch to vdr in the above thread:

diff -ur vdr-1.7.35-org/dvbdevice.c vdr-1.7.35/dvbdevice.c
--- vdr-1.7.35-org/dvbdevice.c  2012-12-30 12:27:39.000000000 +0100
+++ vdr-1.7.35/dvbdevice.c      2013-01-03 14:34:30.997489765 +0100
@@ -1510,12 +1510,12 @@

  int cDvbDevice::SignalStrength(void) const
-  return dvbTuner ? dvbTuner->GetSignalStrength() : -1;
+  return -1;

  int cDvbDevice::SignalQuality(void) const
-  return dvbTuner ? dvbTuner->GetSignalQuality() : -1;
+  return -1;

  const cChannel *cDvbDevice::GetCurrentlyTunedTransponder(void) const

This would only have an effect when you open a menu of the channel display
with a skin that displays the signal strength and quality. If no such menu is 
these functions are never called, and thus disabling them would make no

It's possible it has improved the situation - no longer getting audio 
disturbances, but there are still very short duration video glitches.

In an effort to eliminate the second tuner scanning empty channels as the cause, I set, 
"UpdateChannels = 0" in setup.conf, but it appears to not have the desired 

Jan  6 16:47:27 atom vdr: [790] frontend 1/0 timed out while tuning to channel 
487, tp 212651
Jan  6 16:47:47 atom vdr: [790] frontend 1/0 timed out while tuning to channel 
124, tp 212671
Jan  6 16:48:08 atom vdr: [790] frontend 1/0 timed out while tuning to channel 
71, tp 212680
Jan  6 16:48:50 atom vdr: [790] frontend 1/0 timed out while tuning to channel 
110, tp 112280

Is there some way I can stop the unused tuner from scanning altogether?

You need to set "EPGScanTimeout = 0".
"UpdateChannels" has no effect on automatic tuning.


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