> writes:
>> Hi,
>> I'm the author of the plugin. You have to use a true color capable output 
>> device (i 'm using softhddevice,  but it should also work with xine, or 
>> xineliboutput with HUD enabled) to run the plugin. 
> Ok.
> Thanks for the information guys.
> I don't know if my gfx card supports xrender/composite, i'll give it a
> try this evening.

still i'm kind of worried, the plugin makes vdr crash very badly.
I'm using xineliboutput, my vdr server is headless and I'm watching tv
over the network using old laptops as TVs (heh no big display here, the
bigger one is 15inches wide !!!)
That means any non-hud-enabled client will crash vdr because of
Still I'm going to give this hud/composite thingy and your plugin a
try ! That might convince us to upgrade :-)


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