I'm using Yavdr 0.5, with vdr 1.7.27.

I have a system with DVB-S and DVB-T tuners. DVB-S (Canal Digital) offers
better bitrate versions for most of the Finnish dvb-t channels, and also
even HD version of MTV3.

So, I'd like to prefer DVB-S and HD, obviously! In MTV3's case, the
priority order would be MTV3 HD (DVB-S), MTV3 (DVB-S), MTV3 (DVB-T). They
all show the same channel, but with different quality.

However, I often get timer conflicts because I only have two DVB-S tuners.
I usually just check epgsearch's timer conflict list, and modify the timers
to different channel.. But couldn't this be automatic somehow?

This problem has been discussed before, but there hasn't been very good
solution.. I know there is "Alternative channels"-patch for the VDR, but it
seems overly complex. To me it looks like this could be done inside a
plugin, either in epgsearch or even some separate plugin that scans the
timers and modifies the channels if needed..

Even a separate script (cron job) would work, just scan timers.conf and
modify the channels when necessary?

Teemu Suikki
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